The TAO MAGIC GLISSE establishment undertakes to implement the following measures.


- One person is welcomed at a time for enquiries or registration.

- Possibility to register by email, phone, social networks

- Deposit of registration forms in a box

Reception of trainees in the school

- The Surf School is only open to the public outside the premises and a hydro-alcohol gel dispenser is available.

- An information board with the current ARS recommendations (barrier gestures, physical distance) is clearly visible.

- The person in charge of reception wears a regulation mask and systematically reminds the public of the sanitary instructions in force.

- Twice-daily disinfection of the counter.

- 1 accompanying person (for minors).

- Display of emergency numbers and what to do in case of symptoms.

- Respect for the distance between customers, with recommended floor markings.

- Implementation of a differentiated circuit.

- The number of trainees is limited to 8 per instructor, whatever the level of practice. This number is a maximum and can be reduced if necessary.

- Disinfection of the suits with virucide after each return

- No access to the school's changing rooms and toilets (except for school staff, with a cleaning protocol between each use).

- Accompanying person for children limited to 1 person

- Disinfection of rented or loaned equipment (boards, wetsuits, lycra) between each use.

- Favour personal suits if possible but not compulsory

- All transactions that do not require returns (registration forms, cheques, holiday vouchers) are to be deposited by the customer in an urn located at the reception desk.

- Students are asked to come with their swimming costume on and if possible with their wetsuit, equipped with a mask according to the regulations in force, and with a minimum of belongings which they must leave in their personal bag. The bags can be deposited by the staff in the changing rooms (disinfected after each course). The trainees will have to equip themselves outside the premises.

Surfing course schedule

- The surfing slots are spaced 15 minutes apart between the instructors (who work in pairs) to avoid crossing between outgoing and incoming surfers.

- Group courses of up to 8 students, according to the regulatory use of the practice on the French territory.

- Depending on the nature of the coastline (access to regulated and non-regulated areas, placement of bays and sandbanks), the local authorities may bring together the professionals authorised to operate in their regulated area in order to reach an agreement on the optimum number of slots to be used.

- Depending on the state of the sea and the display of a flag on the beach by the local sea rescue services, the services will be provided in such a way as to avoid, as far as possible, any risk of direct assistance from the instructor to the trainees; the services will not be provided if the "red flag" is displayed.

- In the event that new health recommendations are issued, these will be implemented immediately.

- Teaching time 1h30

- Our school is located in front of the South beach of Hossegor, so we will limit our travel to optimize our teaching time and avoid collective travel.

- Respect of the physical distance between the clients to go to the beach and at the time of the explanations and the briefing of the qualified instructor BE1, BE2 or BPJEPS, these certifications (or diplomas) being the only ones in the surfing sector, to integrate the PSE1 training and legitimizing the posture of prophylaxis of the instructors

- Favour a pedagogy with as few returns to the beach as possible, or individually on the sand.

- The boards and suits are disinfected after each use, according to the principle of double disinfection. We have supplied a special disinfectant for the material (boards and suits)

- Compulsory distance between trainees (2 metres), especially during explanations and transmission of instructions on the sand or the shore.

- Explanations as quickly as possible, with emphasis on this phase in the water.

- Respecting the safety distance between the supervisor and the trainee when giving instructions.

- No physical contact between instructor and student to help correct a movement (except in an emergency).

- The equipment used in the demonstration must not be the same as that provided.


Course regulations

- For payments requiring a return, the person in charge of receiving or giving change must wash or disinfect their hands after each transaction. A cup will be used to hold the means of payment (cash, cheque, holiday vouchers)

Equipment rental

- All equipment is systematically cleaned and disinfected before and after each use.

- Personal equipment (wetsuits, lycra and booties, lifejacket/floatation equipment for Stand Up).

- Handling of the suits only by the staff of the facility.

- Bathing suit or personal swimming costume required under the wetsuit.

- Personal towel or poncho.

- The rental of equipment must be subject to the same rules of hygiene and distance as the courses.

Consult here the recommendations of the French surfing federation