The South

The waves of La Sud are the ideal place to discover the learning of surfing. This spot has several peaks which gives you a wide choice before you get in the water! Moreover, the spot offers waves that break both on the left and on the right. La Sud is bounded by the harbour and a rocky strip that separates it from La Centrale. The beach extends over several hundred meters, so the distribution between surfers and schools is easy.

Surfing level: Beginner to advanced

La Centrale

La Centrale beach has two types of waves. Indeed, the wave of the North is one of the reference big waves in the area. When the big swells come in, La Nord offers the best surfers in the area waves of 3-4 meters. Enough to organise the Rip Curl Challenge La Nord in surfing but also in Stand Up Paddle.

La Centrale beach also offers a hollow wave that works well at high tide. When the conditions are right at high tide, nice tubes are created for everyone to enjoy!

Surfing level: Intermediate to advanced

The Gravel Pit

Worldclass wave, La Gravière is THE SPOT that everyone knows in Hossegor and in the world. One explanation? These tubular waves similar to Pipeline but also the fact that the Quiksilver Pro France, stage of the WCT, is practically every year on this mythical spot. The best surfers meet at La Gravière to tame its tubes and try to get one of the waves of their lives! The Gravière is a shorebreak wave that requires a certain technique and a strong commitment!

Surfing level: Advanced

The Barefooters

The Culs-nus spot, named after the naturist beach where this wave breaks, has become a media sensation since the Quik Pro France set up shop a few years ago. The spot offers a multitude of lefts and rights on different peaks. The Culs-nus sandbank is currently a safe bet for surfers of a good level, even if beginners will find it to their advantage on days when the swell is less present.

Surfing level: Beginner to advanced

Live webcam on the beach of Soorts-Hossegor


Les Estagnots & Les Bourdaines

Les Estagnots and Les Bourdaines are two similar spots. Indeed, they offer surfers of all levels quality waves to learn or improve their surfing. The waves at these two spots work both at high and low tide for most of the time. Lefts and rights break for many meters at low tide. Longboarding is very present on these spots because the wave breaks far out to sea. These two spots are renowned, they have already hosted the Quik Pro France when conditions were not optimal in Hossegor.

Surfing level: Beginner to Advanced



The Santocha wave is a special wave because it is the only one that breaks only on the right. The reason? It is located against a rocky bank in front of the CERS of Capbreton. Technical and hollow wave when the swell is well set, the surfers of a good level will enjoy it! Nevertheless, beginners can learn to surf without any problem when the conditions allow it.

Surfing level: Beginner - Intermediate

Le Prévent

Also located in front of the CERS in Capbreton, the Prévent is an ideal place to learn to surf. Indeed, this spot offers medium sized waves, perfect for beginners and intermediate surfers. This spot is also the right plan when it is windy. Because of its location, the Prévent is sheltered from the wind and therefore a real fallback spot.

Surfing level: Beginner - Intermediate

The Track

The wave of La Piste is the twin sister of La Gravière. This tubular wave requires a good level of surfing for those who come to ride it. The wave breaks both on the left and on the right and therefore offers several exit options. The slope shows its best face on days when the swell is big enough to make tubes. The reference wave in Capbreton!

Surfing level: Advanced